Employment Law & HR

Making the right decisions about your staff, your job, your employer really matters.

That’s where a strong team of employment law experts comes in. Our employment law solicitors steer businesses and individuals in the right direction, helping them apply the law and avoid mistakes.

But there’s more to us. Whatever the circumstances, whoever we’re working with, it’s about finding a way of getting our client from A to B as quickly, safely and inexpensively as possible. That takes legal expertise and confidence, and it takes creativity, practicality and tactical skill.

Based in London, our employment law solicitors advise clients throughout the UK on contentious and non-contentious employment law. They work with small businesses who don’t have a human resources function, through to large corporations needing specific expertise. And because they advise employees too, they see both sides of the coin. When you’re dealing with sensitive workplace issues, that experience counts for a lot.